This website provides access to a database of helicopter airlines past and present. The database includes data organized into three main groups: Airlines, Aircraft and Archival Material. These data groups are closely intertwined within the database. They are searchable and presented on the site in a variety of user-controlled views.

Airline data is comprised of basic information describing each airline and its destinations organized into geographic areas of operation. This data is supplemented by specially created maps depicting all destinations and routes known to have been serviced during each airline's operating years.

Aircraft data is comprised of aircraft identification information and relevant history.

Archival Material is comprised of images and documents related to airlines and the aircraft those airlines have operated, including photos, timetables, maps, post cards, news clippings, airline issued collateral, postage stamps and other items that contribute towards documenting helicopter airlines and their aircraft.

The website and database are a work in progress. Corrections, additions and suggestions via the Contact page are welcome.

This page was last modified on January 10, 2023.